Predator control funding welcomed

NZ Game Animal Council

Media Statement

19 February 2019


Predator control funding welcomed

News that the Government is investing nearly $20 million from the Provincial Growth Fund into innovative predator control methods so as to reduce the reliance on 1080 is a major step in the right direction, says Game Animal Council Chair Don Hammond.

The use of 1080 is a necessity in some situations, however it is extremely divisive amongst New Zealanders.

“The Game Animal Council advocates for a general policy of reducing the use of toxins in our environment, however we also acknowledge that there is a current need to use 1080 to control predators in certain areas.”

“Predator Free 2050, which the Game Animal Council wholeheartedly supports, is about promoting a collaborative effort across the community to eliminate our most harmful predators,” says Hammond. “Replacing the use of 1080 through other methods of predator control, where appropriate, certainly helps to achieve greater community involvement in conservation.”

Hunters, like other outdoor enthusiasts, are passionate conservationists at heart and we want to preserve our natural heritage while maintaining access to New Zealand’s fantastic hunting opportunities. As an example, the work that the Fiordland Wapiti Foundation and the Sika Foundation are doing to protect whio (blue duck) through stoat trapping programmes is testament to this ethos.

“The more government can do to encourage the community to get involved in pest control the better, which is why we support this investment and hope to see more of it in the future,” says Hammond.  

The NZ Game Animal Council is a statutory organisation responsible for the sustainable management of game animals and hunting for recreation, commerce and conservation.



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