TBFree Clarence Reserve Aerial Tb possum control operation

Clarence Reserve Aerial Possum Control Operation
This is to notify you that Vector Control Services has been contracted by TBfree New Zealand to carry out the Clarence Reserve aerial possum control operation using sodium fluoroacetate (1080) cereal pellets. This operation is being undertaken as part of OSPRI’s TBfree programme.
Control Area
The Clarence Reserve operational area is located in the Kaikoura district and covers approximately 36,170 hectares of public land, managed by the Department of Conservation and some privately-owned land. The boundary includes the land between the true right bank of the Clarence River and the Seaward Kaikoura Range, extending approximately 44km downstream from Mt Ross in the Palmer Stream catchment, to George Spur on the true right of the George Stream.
Operation Date
The operation will commence with the application of non-toxic cereal pre-feed pellets. Following completion of pre-feeding, the application of cereal pellets containing 1080 will commence on or after 25 May 2018, weather dependent.
Method of Control
Cereal baits containing the pesticide 1080 (0.15%) will be distributed by helicopter over the described control area. The 1080 baits are cylindrical pellets approximately 2-3 cm long, cinnamonlured and dyed green. The 1080 operation will be preceded by an application of non-toxic pre-feed baits. The non-toxic pre-feed baits are 2 cm long and not dyed.
General Warning
 The public are asked to not venture onto closed tracks within the operational area during and immediately following the 1080 operation. Warning signs will be placed at all normal points of entry to the area and at other required locations within the area immediately prior to the 1080 operation. Please follow the instructions on the signs. All unauthorised entry into helipad areas is prohibited.
A detailed map of the control area can viewed online at: