Private land exemption welcomed

NZ Game Animal Council
Media Statement

10 April 2019

Game Animal Council welcomes private land exemption to Arms Bill

The Game Animal Council has welcomed the Finance and Expenditure Select Committee’s recommendation that an exemption be included in the Arms Amendment Bill to allow for the continued management of game animals on private land.

“The Bill as originally drafted included an exemption for the commercial use of semi-automatic centrefire firearms for game animal management on public conservation land but neglected the issue on private land. The Game Animal Council submitted that this was an important oversight that would have consequences for game animal management and commercial operations,” says Chair Don Hammond.

“It is pleasing that the Committee has heeded this advice.”

“The Game Animal Council is, however, disappointed that the Committee didn’t pick up our other major recommendation which was to allow for the continued use of semi-automatic centrefire firearms that have a non-detachable magazine with a limited capacity (capable of holding 5 cartridges or less).”

“There are hunters who currently use such firearms, including people with physical limitations that make operating a bolt action rifle difficult,” says Hammond. “This amendment would in no way impact on the removal of MSSA’s but would ensure a small number of people could continue to participate in their chosen recreation.”

“I am hopeful that any issues identified as not working properly can be addressed in the planned second round of legislation later in the year. The challenge now is for the new rules and buyback scheme to be established and communicated to hunters as quickly and accurately as possible.”

The Game Animal Council is a statutory organisation with responsibility for representing game animal hunters, and advising on and managing aspects of game animal hunting. Game animals are feral pigs, chamois, tahr, and all species of deer.

Don Hammond, Chair
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