Export Levy Update September 2017

The Game Animal Council Act 2013 made provision for the Council to derive revenue from the export of game animal trophies from NZ. Within the Act, this was the primary, mandated funding stream provided.

During 2016 and early 2017, a proposed levy system was developed and put out for public consultation. A total of 114 individual submissions were received and these were used to modify the proposal as appropriate.

Once this work was complete, a recommendation was made to the Associate Minister of Conservation (Hon Peter Dunne) which incorporated all the available information.

The proposal has yet to be formally considered by Cabinet. Now the election is over, the Council will engage with the incoming Minister around progressing sustainable funding, including potential next steps for the levy proposal and/or consideration of alternative funding streams as soon as possible.

What does this mean?

For overseas hunters and commercial operators who support them, the proposed levy on exported trophies which was anticipated to be in place in early 2018 has not yet been approved. Should the levy proceed, the commencement date is currently unknown.

Until Government reaches a decision, the Council will have insufficient resources to begin full implementation of its work plan to improve opportunities for all sectors of the hunting community.

We will provide further updates when new information is available and urge you to continue supporting the Council’s work to enhance hunting in New Zealand.



Don Hammond


New Zealand Game Animal Council