Game Animal Council Consultation

Have your say on a proposal to establish a game trophy export levy for the Game Animal Council.


Please note - Submissions closed 13 February 2017


The purpose of this consultation is to provide information, and to encourage submissions, on a proposed new levy to initially fund the Game Animal Council’s activities. The proposed levy would be on export of game animal trophies from New Zealand.

View the consultation document

You can access the consultation document and find details of how to submit your proposal at:

About the consultation process

Before recommending a levy to fund the Game Animal Council, the Minister is required by the legislation to determine how much funding is required, and the likely impact of the levy on people, goods and industries.

The consultation document contains information on:

  • The planned work of the Council and the anticipated benefits of that work for the hunting community;
  • The proposed levy rate, what it would be levied on, who would pay and how;
  • How the proposed levy rate was calculated based on both the Council’s estimated budget and an assessment of game trophy volumes; and
  • A comparison of costs for related activities and in other countries.

It is important the new proposed export levy has input from as many people as possible with a direct interest in and real-world experience of game animal hunting and management in New Zealand and, in particular, those involved in the exporting of trophies from New Zealand

Submissions closed 13 February 2017